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Sententiae II

Erratae possibiles sunt        NOTE
propter imperitiam             I have added in the
meam.                          brackets noun in the
                               nominative case singular,
                               the infinitive form of the
                               verb and/or the grammar

Cum angiportus obscuros nunc Now when I walk in the
ambulo, miseriam et egestatem obscure side streets,vIidseeo.

                                      misery and poverty.

Cor in pectore mea pulsat, cum The heart pulsates in my

te video.                      chest, when I see you.

Quid agis?                     How are you?

Quid facis (facere III)?       What do you do?

Poema (poema, n) scribo        I write a poem.
(scribere III).

Quis es?                       Who are you?

Ego sum … tu es … is/ea/id I am … you are … he/she/it is

est …                          …

… femina (f), vir (m), puella … woman, man, girl, boy,

(f), puer (m), amica (f), amicus (female) friend, (male) friend,

(m), filia (f), filius (m).    daughter, son.

Nos sumus … vos estis …        We are … you are … they
ei/eae/ea sunt ...             are ...

… femininae, viri, puellae,    … women, men, girls, boys,
pueri, amicae, amici, filiae,  (female) friends, (male)
filii.                         friends, daughters, sons.

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