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P. 3

Sententiae I

Erratae possibiles sunt       NOTE
propter imperitiam            I have added in the
meam.                         brackets noun in the
                              nominative case singular,
                              the infinitive form of the
                              verb and/or the grammar

Non scimus si hinc ad         We don't know if we go from
aeternitatem imus, sed tamen  here to eternity but we fight
rixamur inter nos. Id est     with one another anyway.
ridiculum.                    That is ridiculous.

Ad mensam panem edo et        I eat bread and drink water at
aquam bibo.                   the table.

Cum fele mea lusi (ludere III). I played with my cat.

Cum psittaco (psittacus) meo I play with my parrot.

In area ulmus magna crescit. The big elm grows in the

Hodie in urbem (urbs)         We walk today into the city.

In vase flores sunt et vas super The flowers are in the vase

mensam est.                   and the vase is on the table.

Rosae (rosa) albae pulchrae White roses are beautiful.

Vide (imperativus) rosam See the white rose and forget
albam et obliviscere curarum your troubles.

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