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About this booklet

You are allowed to browse this booklet here and at your home
after printing it but its use otherwise is forbidden. If any of you
acquaintance like this booklet he/she must browse it here or
copy to his/her own computer. If you use this book it is highly
expected that you FB like my home site at

These sentences may include mistakes because I have made
them up from my head except the classic Latin literature
quotations. Moreover different text books give different
guidance. Anyway the intension of this booklet is to learn Latin
by using examples. I find this procedure best for me but you
might like some other method more than this. Please don't
hesitate to use it. I study Latin in order to understand English
better. Many of English words come from Latin where they
belong to in their own language family.

I have folded up this booklet using free GNU Image
Manipulating Program, better known as GIMP and LibreOffice
Writer and FlipBook Creator which is not free application. I
drew the cover image using pencils.

I hope you like it here as much I do.

In Tornio, Finland, 1. 4. 2016
Yelling Rosa

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