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Dudum habitabam (tempus A while ago I lived in the city

infectum) in urbe (urbs, f) but now I live in the

sed nunc ruri habito.         countryside.

Nota:                         Note:
domi                          at home
humi ruri                     on the ground
Romae                         in the country at
                              without preposition also with
                              the name of city or small

Aliter:                       Otherwise:
in Britanniam (Britannia, f)  to Britain
de monte (mons, m)            from the mountain

{8:1} Cum autem               {8:1} And when he had

descendisset (subjunctiuus) de descended from the mountain,

monte, Matthæus               Matthew

Tempus infectum               Imperfect
Modus subjunctiuus            Subjunctive (mood)

Evasi ab incendio             I escaped from the fire.
(incendium, n)                Note: Latin perfect tense
                              is often translated using
                              the English past tense.

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